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October 22, 2019

E-Wallet : Why Retailers Needs Them

What is e-wallet? Its 2019. From communication, entertainment, navigation, translation, documentation and now tap and go consumerism, your smartphone, or even your smartwatch, probably has an app for that. You might hear Apple Pay or Samsung Pay before right? No need for cash or even cards, as your smart devices easily does almost everything. Just […]

February 19, 2019

5G and how it will benefit Retail

What is 5G networks? 5G networks are the next generation of mobile internet connectivity. It will run alongside, and eventually, succeed and replace the current 4G LTE connection.  Okay, so what will 5G offer? Lower latency and faster download/upload rate, making it viable to replace the landed connection.  What’s wrong with current 4G LTE? More […]