Visitor & guest sign-in for COVID compliance

July 7, 2020

Visitor & guest sign-in for COVID compliance

As many of us start to venture out again, contact tracing is now an integral part of business procedures.

However, how many places have you been to where they’ve offered you a (possibly dirty) pen and asked you to write your name and phone number on a clipboard? Not only does this allow everyone following you to see your details, but how do you know how many people have touched that pen?

We’ve got a simple, secure and hygienic solution! A personalised QR code.

The use of a QR code means that people can simply capture the QR code with their phone camera, and fill in a secure form online. This means nobody (including your staff) are required to touch any additional stationery and minimises the physical interaction.

It also means that you can build up your own database, but if you are required to provide contact tracing details, you have real-time access to your personalised portal.

For only $30/mth (plus GST) we’ll get you up and running. No hidden fees, no lock-in contracts.

Give the team a call on 03 8840 2496 or snap our QR code to get started!  

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