Working from home. It’s something we’ve all become familiar with during 2020. It’s become an acceptable model in many industries that previously hadn’t even entertained the thought. The question now becomes how do you manage long term productivity, employee satisfaction and your Occupational Health and Safety requirements when your employees are no longer physically in the office?

As an Australian business, we’ve also had to make the shift, ensuring our employees are equipped to work from home full-time (and longer term). We recognised that every environment and employee is different, so we created POSTURE.


Global heavyweights, such as Google, have provided their staff with an allowance to furnish their home office. If you allocate $500 or more to each employee through the POSTURE catalogue, we’ll top this up with another $100, giving your employee $600 towards their home office setup.

What is POSTURE?

Posture at its simplest level is a ready-to-go catalogue that you and your employees can pick and choose equipment from that will meet your OHS requirements, and fit within your allocated budget.

We’ll work with you to ascertain your per-employee budget and can either provide a standard setup for every employee, or you can let employees choose the equipment that meets their unique needs via our SECURE ONLINE STORE.

However, POSTURE is so much more than just a catalogue. It’s about working with you to provide the best employee experience outside the office. If you’ve got unique requirements or technology solutions, we’re here to help.


Whilst the ergonomics and setup of your employees’ workspace has a great impact on their productivity, so does their connectivity. As an add-on to POSTURE equipment, we can also provide Business Grade NBN to your employees’ homes, along with access points and secure connectivity solutions ensuring that your company data doesn’t need to leave the perimeter.


How do you monitor staff performance and security compliance whilst employees work from home?

We have put together a package that can be installed on personal or company assets to monitor activity during business hours giving you and your IT department visibility. With pinpoint accuracy, you can see why their soft client voice phone or Microsoft Teams is not performing with only 2 clicks of a mouse.


It’s important to us to continue to support Australian made where possible. You’ll find some brands that you’ve never heard of in our catalogue, simply because they’ve had to adapt their business to survive during COVID by building innovative products and solutions.