Real Innovation Group (RIGA) produce innovative solutions for businesses & organisations across the globe. We offer best of breed and leading-edge technological solutions.

At Real Innovation Group we help businesses navigate their way through their technology landscape, looking for efficiency gains and cost reduction. Our diverse group of IT experts have the qualifications, credentials and commitment to ensure that every client receives the outcomes they are looking for – and ones they didn’t realise were possible. Our end-to-end product suite will provide you with a competitive advantage over the competition and take your retail experience to the next level.


Near Real-Time Business Intelligence reporting and analysis.
  • Inventory management.
  • Warehouse efficiencies.
  • Rostering.
  • Instore traffic analysis.
  • Construct and create core business KPI reporting and dashboarding.
  • Data migrations and consolidations.
  • Integrations between core business platforms.
  • BI Delivery Methodology (engagement, data migration, configure and develop, train and educate, release and change management)

Customer Experience

Enhance your customer journey, create loyalty & connection using technology.

  • Customer service applications.
  • Marketing communications (SMS,
    email, push).
  • Data communications (SMS, email, push).
  • Loyalty and reward programs and mechanics.
  • E-commerce (web).
  • In-store kiosks and experiences (data tracking).
  • Mobile app development.
  • Digital signage.


We provide the complete service. Physical hardware & software procurement to support and managed help-desk.

  • Best of breed hardware and software suppliers and distributors.
  • Asset lifecycle management and record keeping.
  • Internet & data connections.
  • Complex MPLS and Private Networks.
  • Cyber security.
  • Data Transport.
  • Multi Cloud / Hybrid Cloud Migrations.
  • IT Managed Service Desk.
  • Proven Failover technology on any platforms.
  • Cloud boot for natural disasters.


Working with you to design and implement solutions to increase efficiency and streamline your day-to-day processes.

  • POS Software Consulting (iVend & Retail Pro)
  • WMS Consulting (Sage and SAP B1)
  • Supply Chain Software Consulting (Sage and SAP B1)
  • ERP \ Accounting Software Consulting (Sage and SAP B1)
  • Application Development
  • Application Helpdesk Support
  • Training and Documentation
  • Process Automation and Improvement
In the rapidly changing world of business IT, we’re here to help your organisation with managed IT services (Helpdesk) and the integration of cloud-based infrastructure – here when you need us, wherever you need us.
Our consultant team can provide custom software development, set-up business analytics & KPI dashboards, or loyalty & rewards programs that keep your customers coming back. We are the cost-effective way to grow your business and address your technology requirements.

Let RIGA help you take control of your IT costs and develop a competitive advantage through technology and innovation.“Put some RIGA around IT”