Mobile Apps for Field Service

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Do you run a business that services customers through deliveries and trades?

A mobile application for field service may be the tool that will help boost your business and improve efficiency across the board. Managing deliveries, drivers, vehicles and other out-of-office tasks can be complex and time-consuming, for both you and your staff. Real Innovation Group’s latest product is here to make life a little easier with the perfect app and software solution for field service.

Real Innovation Group’s field service and job management software are supported by JourneyPRO, a game-changer program to help manage your company and workforce with ease, increase efficiency, return on investment and lower your costs and time wastage. Our mobile app for field service will increase productivity for your staff and contractors and provide actionable and informative insights into your workflow.

What are the key features of JourneyPRO as a mobile app?

  • Faster invoicing
  • Collect your customer’s signatures onsite
  • Task tracking and management
  • Actionable data into labour time and costs
  • Upload forms and images with ease
  • Route optimisation and mapping
  • Integration capabilities with CRM and ERP systems

Drive up efficiency and productivity

JourneyPRO’s field service mobile app will see improvements across the board in the productivity of your staff. The dynamic and adaptable application will give your contractors and drivers the ability to complete orders, dispatch quotes, update stock status and provide services or deliveries to your customers on the go.

With workflows and task management triggered by rules and guidelines that you can create, JourneyPRO is completely adaptable to you.

JourneyPRO will become the driving force behind your successful workforce

Stop spending hours shuffling through loose paperwork and dealing with spot fires of lost forms and signatures. With JourneyPRO, the need for endless administrative work is eliminated. From reports and sales to communication tools and route mapping, JourneyPRO is designed for the modern business that is constantly on the go.

JourneyPRO takes the stress out of route planning, with built-in route optimisation and delivery grouping, allowing your drivers to respond to on-demand delivery and pickup requests. This software is designed to empower you and your staff to streamline your operations with data that ACTUALLY will help your efficiency and safety.

An End-to-End Field Service Management Tool to boost your company

JourneyPRO takes you from a request or order to the final invoice and customer signature. With seamless integrations to your preferred ERP and CRM systems, JourneyPRO can generate invoices live and prompt your customers to engage in feedback reviews. Mobile field service apps will ensure tasks and jobs are completed effectively and smoothly whilst allowing for changes. Does the client require additional assistance/parts? Update the invoice on the spot and generate more sales.

Want to learn more about how JourneyPRO will take your mobile field services to the next level? Be confident that your technicians and business are performing to their full potential with a software that can give you historical and current data, live optimisation and complete control over job management.

Don’t take our word for it.

JourneyPRO Instant Windscreens Case Study

Instant Windscreens and Tinting use JourneyPRO in their business today.

“JOURNEY is a ‘first-in-our-industry’ technology that improves our customer service offering, and claims back approximately 2,000 hours monthly in route scheduling for our branch management teams.”

Read more about how JourneyPRO has transformed Instant Windscreens’ business by downloading the case study here.