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Collating data, organising schedules and managing staff is time-consuming, there’s no other way to put it!

These tasks pile up even more if you have field technicians and teams across the city, state or country. With so much relying on the smooth process of a task or job completion or successful delivery, businesses need to have workflow management under control. Delays, missed communication and even tricky paperwork can lead to a disconnect between your company and staff, inadvertently slowing down your business and therefore adding to your workflow!

Here at Real Innovation Group, we know just how important it is for companies to have effective and reliable workflow management systems. With us, there is a much easier way to reduce the time spent on route planning, scheduling and other administrative tasks. RIGA’s JourneyPRO is the perfect solution for taking your workflow management up a notch!

What does workflow software do?

RIGA’s workflow management software system JourneyPROnis designed to make your business’ life much easier. Our workflow management software is your solution for route optimisation, scheduling, live notifications and tracking for both your staff and customers.

Benefits of workflow management software:

  • Eliminate the Chaos
    Whilst we can dream big, it’s near impossible to operate a business without mistakes or errors. With workflow management software and automation, you can be proactive by identifying potential problems or pain points in your workflow. By adjusting and adapting to your business, such software will make it easier to prevent errors from occurring at all! Even if they do happen, the chaos of rectifying problems, keeping customers and your team happy and simply just catching up can be significantly reduced. Real Innovation Group is here to empower and help you streamline your operations to maximise your efficiency.


  • Save time
    Speaking of streamlining, it’s a no-brainer that software designed to automate and/or manage your workflow systems will significantly reduce the hours spent on route planning, scheduling and monitoring tasks. A workflow management system merges all of your operations into one, easy-to-use location. By introducing one into your business, you will have no more loose forms, random spreadsheets and time-consuming paperwork. RIGA’s JourneyPRO allows you to track the entire job and provide actionable insights into task efficiency from travel and dwell time, delivery windows and driver availability.For example, if your business requires specific delivery windows or timed jobs, think of how much pressure a build of traffic for five minutes could apply to your drivers. A five minute delay in the morning could lead to an hour delay in the evening. JourneyPRO provides your customers visibility with live tracking, ensuring they remain happy and informed.
  • Enterprise software at small business prices
    JourneyPRO will make a seamless transition into your business, regardless of your size or industry. From Instant Windscreens with over 130 locations across Australia and New Zealand to local florists, our software is entirely scalable for your needs. We can help you track everything from manufacturing progress, and stock status through to a specific service delivery to your customer’s front door. Merge everything into one place (read as no more paperwork!) and connect with your existing tools and programs with the click of a button.

Make more informed decisions when you manage your workflow within a central location like RIGA’s JourneyPRO. More than just another software to add to the list, JourneyPRO will seamlessly integrate with your current CRM and ERP systems to adapt to your business.  Having the information and visibility across your business is the key to success and profitability. With accurate and informative data and insight into your business from a holistic perspective, you can take your business to the next level with a workflow management software such as JourneyPRO.

Don’t take our word for it.

JourneyPRO Instant Windscreens Case Study

Instant Windscreens and Tinting use JourneyPRO in their business today.

“JOURNEY is a ‘first-in-our-industry’ technology that improves our customer service offering, and claims back approximately 2,000 hours monthly in route scheduling for our branch management teams.”

Read more about how JourneyPRO has transformed Instant Windscreens’ business by downloading the case study here.