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The workplace is dynamic, diverse and fast-paced in businesses and companies today. In order to keep up with demand, businesses need to streamline their operations and boost their productivity. After all, with the world changing rapidly, it’s only the companies that can respond quickly that succeed. That is why Real Innovation Group believes that business and job management software is crucial for any modern business looking to increase efficiency and meet challenges head-on, rather than playing catch up. For owners of trades and services companies, we understand the pressures of task management, which is why today we will be taking you through the ins and outs of job management software.

Why job management software is important for trades-based businesses

Job management software is a type of software that streamlines your operations with rich data that will maximise efficiency and safety. Trades and service businesses such as building companies, plumbers, cleaners and delivery companies are under constant pressure to get more done in less time particularly as businesses across Australia face issues of staff availability and the rising cost of living. This is where job management software can help you out! By automating key processes within your workflow you could save your company and staff time and money!

What features should you look for in a job management software?

There are many different job management software programs available in Australia, all offering unique perks that may or may not suit your business. But, with so many different options it can be hard to figure out what is right for your business. Here at Real Innovation Group, we’ve sat down to put together a list of arguably the most important features to look for in job management software for trades and service businesses.


1/ User-friendly

First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure that the software is user-friendly and easy to use. There’s nothing worse than trying to use something that’s meant to make your life easier, only for it to be a waste of time! A program that allows you, your team and your clients the ability to communicate, plan and evaluate is going to save you from a lot of headaches down the road!


2/ The ability to create and move tasks

Another important feature is to have the ability to create, move and manage tasks and jobs. Most job scheduling platforms have a Kanban board or similar visual interface. Having the functionality to manage your tasks and see the entire journey your jobs take from start to finish is a practical and satisfying feature. From paperwork and administrative tasks to delivery and customer feedback, being able to manage your day-to-day from a functional space is imperative.

3/ Have live and up-to-date status on schedules and rosters

A great job management software should provide you with the ability to have a Big Brother-type view over every facet of your company, in particular scheduling and rosters. With the workforce being made up of all kinds of workers from contract to full-time staff, rostering and scheduling jobs can become a tenuous task. What if you were able to use a software to match your resources (available and skilled staff) with the right task? A job management software with all the bells and whistles will provide a live update on task status and staff availability and afford you the opportunity to make instant changes to suit your needs.


4/ Route Optimisation Capabilities

Finally, one of the most important features your job management software should have is the ability to optimise routes and plan for the most efficient pathway to complete a task. Don’t waste time on Google Maps trying to see if a particular route will save 5 minutes or $5 of petrol! Typically, businesses that use a job management software with route optimisation software inbuilt will see operational benefits from customer satisfaction, money saved and time saved for your staff!

So, with all of this in mind, can we let you in on a secret? Here at Real Innovation Group, we are proud parents of the job management software that is going to take your business to the next level, JourneyPRO. With all the bells and whistles of a job management software and more, you can get actionable insights on the status of your tasks, staff and drivers to monitor the speed, time and delivery of your product. We are here to empower you to streamline your operations with rich data that will maximise efficiency and safety.

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