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Cyber security is a crucial component of any modern businesses model. From preventing data breaches to identify theft and other types of cybercrime, cyber security looks to protect the entire framework of your business or organisation.

Real Innovation Group are your leading team of experts in cyber security. Whether you need an extra pair of hands to assist with your current in-house IT unit, or a full-scale team of cyber security professionals, Real Innovation Group can deliver the top-quality cyber security you need to conduct operations confidently.

Let’s take a look at why cyber security is such a major aspect of any modern business, and why Real Innovation Group are your team of choice when you need cyber security.

What do cyber security experts at Real Innovation Group do?

Cyber security is the practice of protecting networks, systems and programs from cybercrime. This includes a wide range of occurrences such as sensitive information access, identity theft, money extortion, or anything else that interrupts normal business processes.

Cyber security experts at Real Innovation Group are highly trained and qualified to combat cyber-attacks such as these. They employ fresh and innovative cyber security frameworks to defend your organisation against cybercrime and respond to attempted cyber-attacks.

The 7 types of cyber security

When we talk about cyber security, there are typically 7 types of work that fall under this category.

  • Network security
    Most cyber-attacks occur over the network, so network security is one of the most important types of cyber security. Network security aims to block any type of online threat, and includes processes such as Data Loss Prevention (DLP), IAM (Identity Access Management), NAC (Network Access Control), and NGFW (Next-Generation Firewall).Network security also incorporates advanced technologies, which are multi-layered and aimed at preventing and handling threats. These include IPS (Intrusion Prevention System), NGAV (Next-Gen Antivirus), Sandboxing, and CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction).
  • Cloud security
    Data storage via cloud has revolutionised the way we operate, changing our systems for the better. It’s a convenient and efficient way to store data, and easily provide access to the right people. However, as we find innovative ways to store data, cyber criminals find innovative ways to illegally access it. Thus, securing the cloud is an imperative part of cyber security.Most cloud providers offer security solutions, but these are typically insufficient, and extra cloud security is required to effectively protect your cloud-stored data. That’s why Real Innovation Group offer cloud security services, giving you total peace of mind that your information is 100% secure.
  • Endpoint security
    Endpoint security refers to the protection of end-user devices such as laptops and tablets against cyber-attacks. End-user devices are susceptible to a range of attacks, such as phishing, ransomware and more. It’s crucial that your organisation has the right frameworks in place to respond to these potential attacks, and that’s where Real Innovation Group specialise in endpoint security.
  • Mobile security
    When smartphones and tablets have access to your organisation’s data, they’re also at risk of cyber-attack. This type of cyber security is often overlooked, but it’s proving to be an increasingly important area of focus. Malicious apps, phishing attacks, zero-day and instant-messaging attacks are all forms of cybercrime that can seriously put your company at risk.Mobile security is all about ensuring that only compliant mobile devices have access to your data. Real Innovation Group’s cyber security professionals implement mobile device management plans to guarantee secure usage of smartphones and tablets within your organisation.
  • IoT security
    Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the intercommunication of all your network of connected devices and technologies. It’s a system which has greatly sped-up processes and has made business more efficient, but at the same time, must be totally secure from cyber-attacks.Real Innovation Group implements world-class IoT security through discovery and classification of all connected devices, auto-segmentation to control network activities, and using IPS as a virtual patch to prevent attacks against vulnerable IoT devices.
  • Application security
    Apps can be a target of cybercrime, and it’s our responsibility to stop it. Common ways in which cybercriminals try to gain access to apps include injection, broken authentication, misconfiguration, and cross-site scripting. If your business uses applications on a daily basis, Real Innovation Group can help secure them from bot attacks and malicious interactions.
  • Zero trust
    As technologies move from one system to another (for example, from hardware storage to cloud storage), security has to move with the times, too. Zero trust security refers to a specialised, detailed approach to cyber security, in which micro-segmentation, monitoring and enforcement of role-based access controls are heavily implemented.

How Real Innovation Group can help you secure your operations

Real Innovation Group provide expertly trained cyber security professionals for organisations looking to consolidate and magnify their cyber security systems. With flexible options for all kinds of businesses, Real Innovation Group have qualified cyber security professionals who are capable of handling any task.

Prevent cyber-attacks and allow for smooth, safe operations when you invest in Real Innovation Group’s cyber security services. Our team are ready to design a cyber security management plan for you.

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