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Tired of the problems you keep running into with additional on-board staff?

Wanting more scalability to keep up with the constant fluctuations of business? Need a high-performing team that provides quality, cost-effective work?

Managed services by Real Innovation Group deliver all of these solutions and more. Across a range of different areas, Real Innovation Group provides you with high-quality services, allowing you to focus your energy on making progress, rather than playing catch-up.

Here, we explain the managed services available at Real Innovation Group, and why so many businesses like yours are choosing us for flexible, quality service solutions.

What are managed services?

Managed services are those that are handled by a third party, rather than in-house employees, freeing up your staff and increasing efficiency within your business. For example, instead of hiring and training more IT professionals, a managed IT service allows you to have IT professionals on deck at all times, without the all the hassles of additional in-house employees.

Benefits of workflow management software:

At Real Innovation Group, our expertise are broad, and our range of services reflect that. We offer cost-effective, high-quality managed services across several areas, such as:

  • IT
    Need constant monitoring of your IT systems, or fast repairs when things stop working? Real Innovation Group are with you immediately. We keep your IT running at all times, and are on top of solving problems before you even know about them.
  • ICT
    Communication systems are an integral part of your IT. That’s why Real Innovation Group are committed to helping you get the best out of your ICT systems, and ensure you’re always running smoothly.
  • Cloud services
    Keep all your data and files in one convenient place, managed by one excellent team of professionals. Cloud services by Real Innovation Group are an ultra-efficient and cost-effective way to keep and store data.
  • VoIP phone systems
    Forget everything you know about your current business phone plan: VoIP phone systems are the future. Real Innovation Group offers exceptional management of VoIP phone systems, ensuring high-quality, low-cost telephone communication around the clock.

Key benefits of managed services by Real Innovation Group

At Real Innovation Group, we’re proud of the services we deliver – and we’re proud of the benefits we provide to our clients. Some of the key benefits of managed services by Real Innovation Group include:

  • Cost-reduction and transparency
    Real Innovation Group deliver cost-effective managed services. With break-fix services, you never know what kind of repairs and bills your team will face tomorrow. Something drastic could arise, due to lack of proper monitoring, and the issue could prove costly to fix.Managed services by Real Innovation Group give you peace of mind when such issues arise. Constant monitoring of your business systems and fast, efficient problem-solving is all part of the package.
  • Scalability and flexibility
    Every business owner knows that, at work, no two days are the same. There are periods when certain services are needed scarcely, and there are periods when they’re needed around the clock.This has always been a flaw of the in-house service model. How do you know what you’re going to need, and when you’re going to need it?One of the primary benefits of managed services by Real Innovation Group is the idea of scalability. We know that your needs are flexible, and that’s why our services are, too. Whether you need a little help one week, and a lot of help the next, Real Innovation Group’s managed services are totally scalable and flexible.
  • Reliability
    There’s always a risk when you make a commitment to hiring and training someone. Their resume may be excellent. Their experience may be vast. Their references may speak highly of them. But none of that guarantees that they’re right for the role.Real Innovation Group’s managed services provide consistent, high-quality results that you can rely on, without the financial commitment of going through the hiring process. Even if you have an excellent team which is well-equipped to handle most aspects of the job, there may be a couple of gaps that need filling. That’s where our managed services are the missing tweak to a well-oiled machine.
  • High-quality, innovative solutions
    Finally, Real Innovation Group guarantees high-quality, innovative solutions across all areas of your business’s technology landscape. Our aim is to make business easier and more cost-effective for you, and we do this through allocating highly-trained and experienced professionals to your business.Our team boasts a diverse range of tech backgrounds, with the right qualifications and credentials to be able to excel at what they do. When your business is running smoothly, so is ours!

Real Innovation Group are Australia’s leading team in a broad range of managed services. If you’re interested in ditching the break-fix service model, or switching to a more committed and on-the-ball team of professionals, Real Innovation Group is here for you. Our managed services ensure your business is reducing wasted time and money on training and staff upkeep, while giving you high quality, round-the-clock results. Prevent problems, get innovative solutions and save money all at the same time when you talk to the team at Real Innovation Group and inquire about our managed services today!

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