Data Breach Incident Response: A Comprehensive Guide to Minimise Impact

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Data Breach Incident Response: A Comprehensive Guide to Minimise Impact

No business owner ever wants to be informed that they’ve had a data breach. But sadly, it does happen – and we need to be well-prepared in the event of a data breach so we can minimise the impact and manage losses.

So, what do we do when we experience a data breach? How do we respond to events like these and minimise the impact?

Here, your specialists at Real Innovation Group outline a comprehensive guide on mitigating damage after a data breach, and we also explain the key ingredient to total risk minimisation: ICT support that’s insured.

Stay calm

Like after every type of crisis, it’s important that we stay calm during a data breach. Thinking logically and cool-headedly after a data breach will ensure that decisions are being made rationally, not emotionally. Our team of cybersecurity experts are trained to deal with the aftermath of a data breach and carry out the operation methodically and logically.

Stop additional data loss

The very first aim when a data breach has been discovered is to prevent it from getting worse. Stopping additional data loss is therefore what we want to accomplish. We isolate the affected systems, disconnecting them from your network and shutting them down if necessary in order to contain the breach and prevent further data loss. We then identify the source of the breach and patch any vulnerabilities which may have been exploited by the cybercriminals. Changing passwords and credentials are also basic procedures after experiencing a data breach.

Damage assessment

Then, we take part in damage assessment: figuring out how much data was lost and the extent of the resources needed to recover it. When trying to minimise impact caused by a data breach, it’s imperative to assess whether any sensitive or confidential information was accessed. Addressing this damage happens after we gain a comprehensive view of the breach. This involves repairing or replacing hardware and software and restoring data from backups.

Consult insurance

As a business, it’s imperative to have ICT support that’s insured. The great thing about Real Innovation Group is that, after a cyberattack occurs, you can be fully insured through us. Not only does it mean that you can sleep easy at night knowing you’re covered, but it also means that we tackle everything for you – making your life way easier!

The team at Real Innovation Group are trained to deal with data breaches and are with you every step of the way. At Real Innovation Group, we offer tailored, scalable cybersecurity solutions to businesses across Australia. Our insured, managed cyber security services ensure your business is completely cyber secure, while reducing wasted time and money on training and staff upkeep. Prevent problems, get innovative solutions and save money all at the same time when you talk to the team at Real Innovation Group and inquire about our top quality cybersecurity services.

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