Face of the Future

Face of the Future

Facial recognition is no longer a thing of the future. It is now a common tool used regularly to do everyday things like unlock your phone, tag friends in photos or pass through airport security.

While it isn’t always a popular choice as many deem it an invasion of privacy, many events are now taking to using facial recognition in place of a physical ticket.

It’s as simple as using a selfie taken on your phone at the time of purchasing your entry to the event.
When you arrive you are scanned in, which is said to be faster than producing a ticket as it can be done at a walking pace leaving no need to stop or slow down.

More importantly they say, aside from shorter wait times and faster check ins, ensuring the safety of event goers is paramount and the ability to recognise possible threats earlier is key. With facial recognition if you aren’t who you you’ve said you are – you’re not getting in. If you have been flagged in a data base as a concern – authorities have been notified of your attempt at identity fraud.

Not everyone will like the implementation of something such as facial recognition as allowing your data to be collected can be worrisome.
But tools such as this is the way of the future and it is powering forward at an impressive speed.

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