Pivot. The new normal.

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Pivot. The new normal.


It’s a term that a month ago was very rarely used in our vocabulary, now we hear it daily as we talk about how companies can pivot. How can you adapt to what is the new normal? Have your normal business processes had to change?

The change to the work from home model happened rapidly for so many businesses that you’ve probably just done what needs to be done, to get it done.

As guidance that these social distancing measures will remain in place until October, it’s time to assess whether the remedial choices you made can last the distance.

With your employees all now working from home, how are you managing your calling? Did you just divert phone lines to mobiles, only to have to cover the costs of employee’s mobile calling suddenly? There is an alternative solution in ‘Converse’ which can then simply become BAU once you can return to your offices.

Leveraging standard internet connectivity, a mobile-based app allows your employees to access all their desk phone functionality on the go. So whilst working remotely, you don’t need to kit your staff out with additional expensive handsets, and as your existing desk-based handsets age, you can phase them out.

We know that this time is stressful for everyone, especially those trying to manage new co-workers (aka the ones that want a snack in the middle of your concall!). We’re here to help you successfully navigate these waters, and get your remote worker technology working efficiently for the longer term.

What technology and business issues do you need help with? Drop us a message on admin@realinnovationgroup.com or pop into the comments.

We’re all in this together.

The RIGA team.