The challenge of securing your remote workers

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The challenge of securing your remote workers

In the last few months we’ve seen a number of ransomware attacks impacted high profile businesses. Last month we referred to two ransomware attacks that had impacted Toll and their ability to deliver in the height of COVID. Since then we’ve also seen Garmin down for nearly five days, Carnival Cruises this week announced they’d also been hit by ransomware and that customer data had been accessed

According to the latest OAIC data breach report:

From January to June 2020, the number of data breach notifications attributed to ransomware attacks increased by more than 150% compared to the previous six months

OAIC Report January – June 2020

As the shift to working from home becomes a more permanent fixture, it’s important to consider that staff may be working more casually, but also under more emotional strain. The Garmin hack reportedly came from social engineering where hackers impersonated other staff to get back-end access.


Young women using computer, Cyber security concept.

How do you ensure that your staff continue to remain vigilant whilst there are all the other distractions of home schooling and working from home?

Within our POSTURE catalogue, we’ve added two security tools that you can easily rollout across your network at a per user price.

  • Sophos Intercept X
    • This product is so much more than your traditional anti-virus software. It offers ransomware protection, exploit prevention all whilst integrating deep learning technology.
  • Remote Worker Monitoring (SINEFA)
    • This product allows you to monitor the working device of your staff, including tracking of keyboard and mouse, with screen capture every 10 minutes. This tool also allows remote access allowing for easy troubleshooting for remote IT support.

The OAIC also made a particular callout relating to increased prevalence of ransomware within Australian businesses.

There is increasing public awareness of the threat of ransomware attacks to Australian business, and growing evidence that these attacks often result in the exfiltration and release of information by the attacker. Entities are expected to be aware of their obligations under the NDB scheme and under APP 11.

OAIC Report January – June 2020

These two tools offer levels of protection and visibility, but also the ability that if a breach does happen that you can track the source and work to remediate the user behaviour to prevent another breach.