The challenge of unbillable hours

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The challenge of unbillable hours

You’re searching for a workflow management software to make your life easier. Google throws up a raft of solutions depending on what you search for. If you’re operating a service-based business your day might consist of:

  • Job allocation
  • Project workflow
  • Routing
  • Parts or equipment pick-up
  • ‘Free’ quotes

All these tasks take time and are not necessarily billable hours. This is where having a job management software solution comes into play.

Let’s talk about workflow management, job tracking and route optimisation.

By using job management software, you can drag and drop jobs into your employee’s queue for the day. The software will then optimise the job order, including pick-up points for parts. In real-time, it’ll take into account traffic disruptions and any business policies such as avoiding toll points or traffic rules. You can also add new jobs on the fly, including part pick-up and it’ll reoptimize the route.

UPS in the US has a rule for all drivers that determines their routes by the ‘turn left’ rule, reducing the need for drivers to turn across traffic, thus reducing their accident risk propensity and the associated costs/lost time.

How many unbillable hours are being used every day outside of workflow management and routing? Each job starts with a ‘free’ quote, which let’s be honest, isn’t free at all.

By analysing actual vs forecasted costs you can see the true cost to your business of every job, starting with that free quote. Over time, you’re able to build trends and see trends, leading to insights of unbillable hours by type of job or resource. This allows you to build this cost loading into your quotations increasing your profitability.

You may be surprised by what you learn about your business when starting to use a job management solution. It can get down into the nitty-gritty of specific employee trends, whether they’re on or off route, hours used vs hours quoted.

So why would you start using job management software?

Instant Windscreens saw a reduction of 2,000 hours per month by moving to JourneyPRO in terms of job allocation and route optimisation. This freed up their branch management staff to deliver other services and tasks to the business. As an unexpected benefit, the adoption of job management software saw an increase in customer satisfaction.

JourneyPRO helps you get the most out of your day, and your employee’s day.

Want to know how Instant Windscreens and Tinting saved 2,000 hours per month?

JourneyPRO Instant Windscreens Case Study

Instant Windscreens and Tinting use JourneyPRO in their business today.

“JOURNEY is a ‘first-in-our-industry’ technology that improves our customer service offering, and claims back approximately 2,000 hours monthly in route scheduling for our branch management teams.”

Read more about how JourneyPRO has transformed Instant Windscreens’ business by downloading the case study here.