The Role of AI and Machine Learning in Advanced Threat Detection

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The Role of AI and Machine Learning in Advanced Threat Detection

The two terms that have been on everyone’s lips this year: AI and machine learning. This new technology, while still in its early stages, is already showing its strength in a myriad of industries, in a myriad of ways. From marketing to transport and logistics to brain surgery, AI has the ability to revolutionise the way we, for lack of better words, ‘do life’.

There’s no surprise, then, that AI and machine learning is having a huge impact on cyber security and advanced threat detection. But even still, AI isn’t perfect, and it’s essential for businesses to have ICT support that’s fully insured, like what we provide at Real Innovation Group.

Let’s talk more about the role of AI in threat detection and why insured ICT services are so important today:

Real-time anomaly detection

AI shows a true strength in being able to detect anomalies in real time – something that traditional rule-based systems struggle to keep up with. As the tactics of cybercriminals advances, these rule-based systems can prove sluggish when trying to identify and learn the patterns used by cybercriminals to compromise a network. AI and machine learning, however, can constantly learn from data patterns, identifying deviations from the norm.

What this allows AI to do is quickly detect and respond to suspicious activities that might result in a breach. Let’s say a website suddenly has an huge, random surge in traffic or unauthorized access attempts. AI and its machine learning ability can instantly detect that these are anomalies, flagging them and preventing potential security breaches.

Phishing and malware detection

Ever since the widespread use of the internet, we’ve had to combat against two of the most common forms of cybercrime: phishing and malware detection. This is another area in which AI and machine learning plays a role in advanced threat detection. AI can analyse large datasets to identify patterns used in phishing emails, malicious URLs, and malware-infected files. It offers superior detection abilities in identifying a malware threat before one of your employees is able to open the file and infect your network.

AI and machine learning has shown a remarkable ability in picking up the subtle nuances of, for example, particularly well-constructed phishing emails which might elude traditional spam folders.

Behavioural biometrics and user authentication

This is where AI gets super cool in terms of detecting cyber threats. Traditional biometrics (face, fingerprint and iris scanning technologies) are a static way of authenticating the user – they work when you unlock your phone, and then they stop working while you’re using it. But AI can use behavioural biometrics to constantly authenticate users – assessing touch, accelerometer, gyroscope and orientation to determine whether the user is actually the authorised person or not.

Real Innovation Group cyber insurance

AI may seem like magic, but it can’t magically defend you from cyberattacks. This is where cyber insurance is essential. Our ICT support is fully insured, meaning you won’t have to pray to robots to keep your business safe!

Real Innovation Group offers all-inclusive ICT Support with insurance coverage, ensuring you won’t face unexpected expenses. Experience proactive issue prevention, access cutting-edge solutions, and enjoy cost savings when you engage with Real Innovation Group’s expert team for top-tier cybersecurity services backed by insurance.

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