Why Workplace Wellbeing is Important

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Why Workplace Wellbeing is Important

In a post-COVID world, a lot has changed, especially in the workforce. Most companies have adopted a hybrid working model that allows employees to work more flexibly from home. However, demand for a complete return to the office has been rising. Workplace wellbeing has become essential whether you embrace the hybrid working model or not.

Wellbeing refers to employees’ overall health, happiness, and satisfaction in their work environment. Encouraging positivity and prioritising workplace wellbeing not only benefits the employees but is important for the success of your business. According to multiple studies, it has been shown that a workplace’s emphasis on wellbeing has a direct impact on a business’s bottom line. 

Today, we will dive into the significance of workplace wellbeing, how it can contribute to a thriving work environment, and tips to ensure your business prioritises it.  

Understanding Workplace Wellbeing 

Workplace wellbeing encompasses various factors that contribute to employees’ welfare, whether physical, mental, or emotional. It involves creating a positive workplace culture and environment where individuals feel valued, supported and motivated to achieve their career goals. 

It is not simply having a great workplace culture but also a culture where employees feel encouraged to speak out if they are struggling or demotivated. Sounds easy enough. Right? 

A recent study from Gallagher revealed that employees’ wellbeing is still low and presents a growing risk for organisations & that work-life balance was the most requested area for improvement. 

When employees are happy, their productivity levels soar, and their confidence levels increase. And this is something, here at RIGA, we often discuss as it is important that all our employees are happy and healthy and why we hold our annual SKOs. 

By providing employees with the necessary resources and support, businesses can create an atmosphere conducive to optimal performance and innovation. One of the ways that you can improve workplace wellbeing is by leveraging technology effectively to create a more efficient and collaborative work environment. 

Leveraging Technology 

There are unlimited ways to leverage technology to improve your employees’ wellbeing. 

Just think about all of the repetitive and potentially mind-numbing tasks different employees have to do within your business. Can these be automated or reduced to alleviate the burden on your employees? 

By utilising technology, you can improve your workplace’s wellbeing by implementing project management & documentation solutions and even workflow automation software, which will streamline work processes and allow employees to focus on more meaningful and rewarding tasks. 

Effective communication and collaboration with team members are vital for a healthy work environment; technology provides various tools to facilitate this. Instant messaging applications, video conferencing software, and project management platforms enable employees to communicate in real time and make quick decisions no matter where they work. These tools foster stronger collaboration, strengthen relationships and promote a sense of unity amongst employees. 

Technology offers opportunities for remote work, flexible scheduling, and telecommunicating, allowing employees to balance their work and home lives better. As mentioned earlier, Gallagher’s study highlighted that this was one of the biggest areas companies needed to improve to ensure workplace wellbeing. With the help of cloud-based tools and project management software, employees can more easily adapt their work to suit their lifestyles while increasing their productivity. 

Workplace wellbeing is crucial for the success of both your business and your employees. By investing in workplace wellbeing and prioritising the health of employees, your organisation can foster high productivity, engagement, and retention. 

If you are struggling to know where to start to fix processes and ensure your employees’ wellbeing is looked after, don’t worry- RIGA has you covered. We have fantastic solutions to help give your company the right technology and processes to build a strong workforce that empowers employees.

Contact us today at 1300 744 248 or email us to see how we can help your business succeed today. 

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