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Improving cybersecurity measures is something all organisations should strive for. With a growing number of cybercrimes targeted towards small- and medium-sized businesses in Australia, it’s never been more imperative to invest in protecting your organisation.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre’s (ACSC) Essential Eight controls for cybersecurity are a great place to start. Many businesses look to implement the Essential Eight, or become more compliant with it.

Real Innovation Group are here for you when you need top-quality cybersecurity and can help you comply as best as possible with the Essential Eight. Offering specialist cybersecurity services across Australia, Real Innovation Group take your business to the highest level of Essential Eight compliance.

What is the Essential Eight?

The Australian Cyber Security Centre, Australia’s lead agency on cybersecurity, developed the Essential Eight, which are a series of controls that any business or organisation can employ to make operations more cybersecure. This framework is used by various businesses and organisations all over Australia. There are 8 core practices outlined in the Essential Eight, which are:


  1. Application control
  2. Patch applications
  3. Configure Microsoft Office macro settings
  4. User application hardening
  5. Restrict administrative privileges
  6. Patch operating systems
  7. Multi-factor authentication
  8. Regular back-ups


Real Innovation Group are highly experienced in implementing the Essential Eight framework model. Our professional staff are meticulous in selecting the best cybersecurity practices for your organisation, ensuring your systems are well-protected against the threat of cyberattack.

Navigating the Essential Eight maturity model

The ACSC have also outlined their own compliance guide for the Essential Eight, known as the Essential Eight maturity model. It outlines four distinct levels of Essential Eight compliance: 0 being the least compliant, and 3 being the most compliant. The maturity levels are:

  • Level 0: not at all aligned with the Essential Eight cyber threat mitigation strategy
  • Level 1: partially aligned with the functions of the mitigation strategy
  • Level 2: mostly aligned with the functions of the mitigation strategy
  • Level 3: totally aligned with the functions of the mitigation strategy

Level 0

If your business has a maturity level of zero, then there are significant weaknesses in your cybersecurity system which can easily be exploited by cybercriminals. This carries a significant risk of data theft, system compromise and unauthorised access to other sensitive information.

Level 1

Businesses that are rated Level 1 on the maturity model have measurements in place to protect against opportunistic adversaries. These types of cybercriminals may take advantage of, for example, an application which has not been properly patched, or a weak password which can be circumvented by brute force or guessing. These types of adversaries lack the intent of investing considerable time and resources into gaining access to a specific target and rather exploit common weaknesses in cybersecurity systems.

Level 2

Level 2 businesses are protected from more advanced cybercriminals who are more selective and considered in their approach to cyberattacks. These adversaries have more time and resources to invest in the tools and methods they use to compromise computer systems. For example, they orchestrate phishing attacks which are more thought-out and convincing than those operating at Level 1 capacity.

Level 3

The focus of Level 3 is to be defended against cybercriminals who are advanced, rely less on public tools and techniques, and are able to invest a considerable amount of time and money into carrying out a cyberattack. These adversaries may be more focussed on particular targets, and are willing to identify their idiosyncrasies and develop strategies to circumvent them.

Real Innovation Group are your first choice team for Essential Eight compliance

At Real Innovation Group, we help Aussie businesses become more compliant with the Essential Eight, every day. We identify a target maturity level that’s suitable for your business environment and progressively implement measures outlined in the Essential Eight until that maturity level is met. Our process of increasing your Essential Eight compliance involves:

  • Assessing your current cybersecurity systems
  • Formulating a suitable target maturity level
  • Implementing stronger, more secure processes
  • Achieving your target maturity level
  • Maintaining your cybersecurity system to that level

Talk to the team at Real Innovation Group today

Real Innovation Group are Australia’s leading team in a broad range of cybersecurity services, and can help you climb the Essential Eight compliance guide so that you’re best protected from malicious actors. If you’re interested in bolstering your cybersecurity framework, or switching to a more committed and on-the-ball team of professionals, Real Innovation Group is here for you. Our managed services ensure your business is reducing wasted time and money on training and staff upkeep, while giving you high quality, round-the-clock results. Prevent problems, get innovative solutions and save money all at the same time when you talk to the team at Real Innovation Group and inquire about our cybersecurity services today!

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