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All elements of your business are important: service quality, staff knowledge, product pricing, location and many others. But while some of these qualities are always going to be a little stronger than others, one element that needs to be running smoothly and efficiently at all times is your IT network.

As a growing business, it becomes more and more important to ensure your IT systems are up to scratch. This is where a top quality IT support provider, like Real Innovation Group, proves its worth.

Real Innovation Group are one of Australia’s leading IT support providers. Our managed services cover a broad range of IT work, taking the stress out of managing your own internal IT team while giving you the best quality IT solutions.

IT Support Melbourne from Real Innovation Group

There’s a lot riding on your IT support provider: communication, sales, customer service, privacy, among many other crucial factors. That’s why, when you need an IT support provider, it pays to choose the best that’s available to you.

Real Innovation Group are proud to deliver world-class IT support across the entire technology spectrum. No task is too big or too small, too simple or too complicated for the team at Real Innovation Group. Our expertise lie in:

  • IT systems
    Need constant monitoring of your IT systems, or fast repairs when things stop working? Real Innovation Group are with you immediately. We keep your IT running at all times, and are on top of solving problems before you even know about them.
  • Cybersecurity
    Our IT support services extend to cybersecurity, too. Implementing better cybersecurity protocols, monitoring your systems and managing potential threats is all part of the package when you choose our managed IT support services.
  • ICT
    Communication systems are an integral part of your IT. That’s why Real Innovation Group are committed to helping you get the best out of your ICT systems, and ensure you’re always running smoothly. ICT support by Real Innovation Group ranges from implementing VoIP phone systems to installing software that makes your sales strategy more efficient and productive.
  • Cloud services
    Migrating from hardware to cloud storage is no easy task on your own; that’s why Real Innovation Group is here to help you as your managed IT support provider. Keep all your data and files in one convenient place, managed by one excellent team of professionals. Cloud services by Real Innovation Group are an ultra-efficient and cost-effective way to keep and store data.
  • VoIP phone systems
    VoIP phone systems are a revolutionary way of business communication. Save costs on phone communication, enjoy streamlined calling processes with specialised software, and make the most of remote work capabilities. Real Innovation Group offers exceptional management of VoIP phone systems, ensuring high-quality, low-cost telephone communication around the clock.
  • IT Consulting
    Need a detailed plan for the future of your business? Our expert IT consultants sit down with you and help you identify your business’s IT needs for future growth. We relish the chance to help you grow.

Benefits of choosing Real Innovation Group as your dedicated IT support provider

Real Innovation Group are Australia’s first choice for quality IT support. When you select us as your IT support provider, you get the benefits of:

  • An experienced, skilful team
    Part of the benefit of choosing a managed IT support provider like us is the guarantee of an experienced, skilful team of IT professionals. When you hire internally, you have to write job advertisements, sift through applications, interview a number of candidates and then hope that they’re the right fit.With our managed services, you’ll get assigned experienced, hard-working staff who we’ve handpicked for you. This allows you to focus less on HR, and more on running the business.
  • Full-scale IT support
    We’re ready to handle anything. From simple maintenance of your IT systems, to large, comprehensive projects, our services are flexible and no task is too big or too small. We’re your team of IT support providers across all areas of work.
  • Scalability
    When you have an internal IT team, it may work out great to have available staff during busy periods, but what happens when your need for IT support fluctuates? Internal IT staff can’t always match the changing dynamic of your business, which is where managed IT support shows a real benefit.Our services are totally scalable, meaning you can request additional help when you need it, and scale it back down when you don’t. Instead of having IT staff on your payroll, no matter how quiet or busy it is, you’re only paying for the services you receive when you choose Real Innovation Group as your dedicated IT support provider.

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Real Innovation Group are Australia’s leading team in a broad range of managed IT support services. If you’re interested in ditching the break-fix service model, or switching to a more committed and on-the-ball team of professionals, Real Innovation Group is here for you. Our managed services ensure your business is reducing wasted time and money on training and staff upkeep, while giving you high quality, round-the-clock results. Prevent problems, get innovative solutions and save money all at the same time when you talk to the team at Real Innovation Group and inquire about our managed services today!

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