Cloud Based Phone Systems

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Effective communication is a cornerstone for almost every business model. Whether we’re hosting meetings with clients, training our staff, pitching sales or delivering customer service, we’re all doing one important thing – communicating.

Right now, communication has never been more crucial to business. Having a reliable, versatile and efficient way of communicating with everyone in your orbit is essential to keeping your business running smoothly.

That’s why cloud-based phone systems have made such a big impact on the business communication landscape in Australia, changing the way we communicate and offering some big benefits over traditional ways of communication.

Here’s why cloud-based phone systems could be the key to unlocking better, more productive communication in your business, and why Real Innovation Group are your first choice team for implementing these systems.

What are cloud-based phone systems?

A cloud-based phone system is a Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system which is accessible via a cloud-based IP network. These systems operate entirely through the internet, and transmit calls in the form of data packages, rather than via the copper wire infrastructure of landlines.

Cloud-based phone systems operate and store data on a cloud. This prevents your system from being jammed with voice traffic, as a cloud can provide ample space, no matter how big an operation you’re running.

What are the benefits?

If your employees are constantly using the phone, cloud-based phone systems have a number of benefits over traditional landline phone systems.

  • Convenience, efficiency and productivity
    In the business world, convenience often equates to efficiency, which in turn equates to productivity. Cloud-based phone systems offer higher productivity levels in a number of different ways.
  • One unified communication system
    Instead of having several different processes for contacting clients, cloud-based phone systems allow you to operate on one simple, unified system. This means less program operation, less training and less obstacles between you and your clients.
  • Automation
    Cloud-based phone systems give you the power of automation, which also increases productivity. VoIP phone systems can facilitate Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) which gives you the power of automated dialling. Instead of looking at a phone number and manually punching it into the phone, employees can end a call with one customer and be automatically calling the next.
  • Remote working
    One unified team, hundreds of potential locations. Cloud-based phone systems facilitate easier remote work conditions, making employee arrangements more flexible than ever.Because they’re operated via the internet, cloud-based phone systems allow you to work on any device, whether you’re in the office, at home, or abroad. It’s a solution for employers looking to free up office space, as well as for employees looking for a more flexible working conditions.
  • Sound quality
    Cloud-based phone calls aren’t what they used to be, which was unreliable and crackly. Technology has advanced to a point where cloud-based phone systems provide equal if not better quality calls than landline phones.While call quality does depend on your internet speed, most professional workplaces in Australia have more than adequate internet quality to facilitate cloud-based phone systems.
  • Cost reduction
    On top of this, cloud-based phone systems generally cost less than their traditional landline counterparts. VoIP systems don’t require the same infrastructure as landlines, which use copper wire to transmit calls. This copper wire requires maintenance and upkeep, which is leads to higher phone bills.

Real Innovation Group is your #1 team for cloud-based phone systems

Real Innovation Group specialise in delivering innovative, technologically advanced solutions for businesses who want to increase efficiency and reduce costs, the smart way. Cloud-based phone systems are part of our expertise. When you choose Real Innovation Group, you’re getting the benefits of:

  • Flexible and scalable solutions
    We’re here to deliver the right solutions for your business, no matter how great or small they may be. That’s why you can always add or subtract help from us, whenever it’s needed.
  • High quality software and equipment
    We’re able to suggest and implement high quality software and equipment for cloud-based phone systems, regardless of your budget.
  • Unmatched level of attention to detail
    While the ‘set-and-forget’ model has a time and a place, that’s not what Real Innovation Group are all about. We take pride in our attention to detail, and won’t stop until you’re 100% satisfied with your new cloud-based phone system.
  • Exceptional customer service
    From your first phone call to our admin staff, to the completion of your IT project – our staff are with you every step of the way, delivering exceptional customer service.
  • Wide scope of budget
    Different businesses allow for different budgets. We get that, and we’re experts at catering for all.

To learn more about installing a cloud-based phone system, contact the friendly team at Real Innovation Group. Our managed services ensure your business is making the most of the technology that’s available to it, and increasing your productivity as a whole. It’s our mission to reduce wasted time and money on training and staff upkeep, while giving you high quality, round-the-clock results. Prevent problems, get innovative solutions and save money all at the same time when you talk to the team at Real Innovation Group and inquire about our cloud-based phone system installation services today!

Don’t take our word for it.

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