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Every business relies on fast, effective communication in order to operate. Whether your customers or clients are face-to-face, or halfway across the world, our ability to communicate with them is everything.

That’s why so many Aussie businesses are turning to cloud-based Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) phone systems, and leaving their landlines behind.

Ultra-fast dialling processes, unified calling systems and crystal clear audio quality is right at your fingertips when you decide to make the switch to a cloud PABX system.

Real Innovation Group help businesses like your switch to cloud PABX phone systems every day. Here’s why your business can benefit from a cloud-based phone system, and why Real Innovation Group is your #1 choice for doing so.

What is a cloud PABX phone system?

A cloud-based Private Automatic Branch Exchange is a phone system which uses the internet to make calls both within your company (from employee to employee) and externally (to customers or clients). It’s a form of Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system and, instead of using landline connections, a cloud PABX uses the internet to make calls, giving you a range of benefits such as location flexibility, convenience, and more efficient calling processes using specialised software.

Why are Australian businesses turning to cloud PABX for business communication?

More and more Aussie businesses are choosing cloud PABX phone systems as their primary way of communicating with customers and clients. Why is this?

  • Simple, unified calling system
    Forget about learning how to operate several different phone systems, and putting up with their individual quirks; using a cloud PABX phone system lets you have one simple, unified calling system. This means that all of your employees will be trained for just one program, and will universally use it to make internal and external calls.

    Some cloud PABX software also has instant messaging and live chat capabilities, making it convenient to have internal discussions with your team without needing to talk over the phone. Accessing all of these functions through one integrated system saves you time in many different areas: training, operation, maintenance and more.

  • More efficient processes
    Cloud PABX also offer superior efficiency to the outdated landline model. For call centres, for example, service agents can make calls via their computer, and dial numbers at the click of a button. Instead of manually referencing and dialling numbers, calls can be made in a split second when you use a cloud PABX system.

    Add up all the time saved by using a cloud PABX system, and you’ll find countless hours of increased productivity.

  • Reduced communication costs
    Not only do cloud PABX systems increase productivity, but they also come with cheaper upfront costs than traditional landline accounts. VoIP phone system providers can be up to 50% more affordable than landline providers. There’s no infrastructure maintenance associated with cloud PABX systems, allowing providers to charge less than landline providers.
  • Location flexibility
    Your cloud PABX system uses the internet to make calls, so you can use any device that’s connected to the internet, no matter where you are. Location flexibility lets you find excellent employees all over the world, and gives your current employees work-from-home capabilities.
  • Audio quality
    Crystal clear communication is part of the package when you choose a cloud PABX phone system. In the past, VoIP phone systems had a reputation for poor audio quality – but back then, internet speeds weren’t as fast, and connections weren’t as reliable. Now, we can enjoy fast, reliable and clear audio via cloud PABX systems.

Real Innovation Group are your cloud PABX experts

We’re proud to be able to support Aussie businesses make the switch to a cloud PABX phone system. With experienced IT staff, cost-effective rates and flexible solutions, our cloud PABX services are next to none. Here’s why so many Australian businesses choose our first-class cloud PABX installation services:

  • We’re specialists in all areas of IT
    Our IT staff are specialists across a broad scope of IT, from programming to cybersecurity. This means we’re capable of providing innovative cloud PABX solutions which you may not even have realised were possible!
  • We have a reputation for attention to detail
    Attention to detail is something we’re known for, right across Australia. In all of our services, from cybersecurity to cloud migration, our team work meticulously to keep customers 100% satisfied.
  • IT help your way, whenever you need it
    Our managed cloud PABX services provide scalability and flexibility. Whether you need a full-scale team of IT professionals one week, or just a single technician the next, we’re committed to keeping business flexible – just the way it should be.

Real Innovation Group are Australia’s leading team in managed cloud PABX services. If you’re interested in better communication, more efficient processes and increased productivity, just reach out to the team about switching to a cloud PABX phone system. Our managed services ensure your business is reducing wasted time and money on training and staff upkeep, while giving you high quality, round-the-clock results. Prevent problems, get innovative solutions and save money all at the same time when you talk to the team at Real Innovation Group today!

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