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While the success of your business is thanks to a range of factors such as excellent leadership, skilled staff and great services, there are two elements which are invaluable in any high-performing organisation: information technology and communication.

Almost every business relies on these two essential elements to carry out its operations, making IT and communication some of the most important factors in doing business.

In fact, the two are often intertwined and referred to as information and communications technology (ICT).

Real Innovation Group put your business’s ICT first. We understand the importance of high quality ICT in your daily operations, and we work meticulously to provide the best ICT services in Australia. Let’s take a look at ICT and the different services offered by Real Innovation Group.

What is ICT?

Information and Communications Technology is a diverse set of technological tools that are used for purposes relating to both IT and communications. The term ‘ICT’ stresses the role of communication in IT systems and is exemplified by the use of computers, mobile devices, the Internet, telephony, live broadcasting and other systems when conducting business operations.

ICT services by Real Innovation Group

Real Innovation Group are Australia’s specialists in ICT services. Our expertise lie in creative, efficient and cost-effective ICT solutions which provide cost-reduction and ease of doing business within your organisation. Our mission is to provide your business with innovative ICT solutions and introduce you to possibilities which you didn’t know even existed.

  • Managed ICT services
    Want a flexible, scalable and affordable solution to your ICT needs? Real Innovation Group specialise in managed ICT services. You tell us what kind of help and how much of it you need, we provide it for you. No task is too big or too small for the team at Real Innovation Group.
  • Guaranteed professionalism
    We take the stress out of managing your own IT team. Instead of interviewing, hiring and assessing additional staff, we’ve handpicked the best ICT industry professionals and assign them to your project. Highly experienced and skilled staff are part of our guarantee.
  • Simplicity meets convenience
    Managing your own network can be complicated and time-consuming. Our managed ICT services ensure that all areas of systems, like computers, mobile devices, phone systems and more, are totally taken care of. Say hello to simplicity, convenience and more time dedicated to running the business instead of playing catch-up.
  • Versatility
    ICT is a broad area of work. That’s why our expertise are broad, too. We can help you with all areas of your business’s ICT, including network monitoring and maintenance, cloud services, VoIP phone systems, mobile devices, cybersecurity and more.
  • End user support
    Your employees mean the world to us. We provide help whenever your employees need it, whatever the task. Your staff can get in touch with us at the click of a button.

Our ICT services

Real Innovation Group helps your business grow in the ICT areas of:

  • IT system monitoring
  • Cloud-based storage
  • VoIP phone systems
  • Cybersecurity
  • Much, much more

What our clients love about our managed ICT services

Hear what our clients have to say about our managed ICT services:

  • Attention-to-detail
    Real Innovation Group IT professionals have a reputation for attention to detail. No task is too difficult, and where here to make sure your needs are met. Whether you want an easy, cost-effective approach to ICT solutions, or you’re after a top-of-the-line way to set up your ICT processes, the Real Innovation Group professionals are determined to keep you satisfied.
  • Improved efficiency
    Efficiency has been a cornerstone of Real Innovation Group operations since our very beginning. Our aim is to improve the efficiency of your ICT processes in every way possible; whether it’s migrating to cloud-based storage, or investing in VoIP phone technology, Real Innovation Group empower your business to operate more efficiently and increase productivity.
  • Cost-reduction
    We’re also specialists in cost-reduction and finding better, more affordable ways of managing your ICT. From switching to our as-needed ICT services (rather than employing in-house IT staff and paying salaries), to changing to a better value internet provider, we’ve got you covered for cost-effectiveness on all grounds.

Contact Real Innovation Group to get started today

When you think of managed ICT services, think Real Innovation Group. Real Innovation Group are Australia’s leading provider for a broad range of managed ICT services. Whether you’re in the market for a high quality VoIP phone system, or want to employ better cybersecurity measures, Real Innovation Group have the solutions your business needs. Our managed services ensure your business is reducing wasted time and money on training and staff upkeep, while giving you high quality, round-the-clock results. Prevent problems, get innovative solutions and save money all at the same time when you talk to the team at Real Innovation Group and inquire about our managed services today!

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