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As a business leader, having your internet go down for even a short period of time is a nightmare. You risk losing ground on clients, falling behind on your schedule, and losing money because of both of these factors.

Internet outages are one of the worst things your business can experience on a normal working day but, fortunately, there’s a way to guarantee that internet interruptions to your business are minimised.

We’re talking about managed internet services by a team of professionals like Real Innovation Group. Managed internet services give you the power of provider flexibility, allowing you access to fast, high-quality internet which is constantly monitored by your team. Say goodbye to slow, intermittent or unpredictable internet!

What is a managed internet service?

A managed internet service is an agreement between you, your managed service team and an internet provider. Instead of going directly through one sole internet provider, hoping that their internet is decent enough to carry the needs of your business, a managed internet service gives you options.

With a managed internet service, you’re not limited to just one internet provider; your managed services team is able to shop around and jump ship for you if your current internet provider simply isn’t cutting it.

Managed internet services are particularly handy for multi-location businesses. They offer consolidated billing, meaning you don’t have to spend a weekend crunching numbers just to see how much you’re spending on internet per month.

And on top of all this, internet monitoring is part of the package, too. This means that if your internet is slow for some reason, your managed internet service team is on top of it before you even pick up the phone to tell them.

Benefits of a managed internet service

Want the best price when it comes to internet provider? Can’t stand having multiple bills rolling in for multiple business locations? Want fast, effective service when your internet is slow? There are several diverse benefits to choosing a team of experts like Real Innovation Group for their high quality managed internet services:

  • The research is done for you
    Nobody has time to spend hours researching the best, cheapest internet providers. It’s a rabbit hole that, without insider knowledge, can often lead to nowhere. One of the best things about managed internet services is the fact that we do the research for you. Real Innovation Group can quickly assess your internet needs and pair you with a top quality internet provider, giving you the fastest internet for the most affordable price. Here, you save time and money, simultaneously.
  • Multiple locations, one simple bill
    If you’re a business manager with multiple locations, you’ll know the frustration of having separate bills for each location flooding your email inbox. It’s time-consuming, impractical and opens you up to the risk of late fees, too. A managed internet service solves this problem for you by implementing SD-WAN technology to help you consolidate your network and billing. One simple bill, one simple equation and all your internet usage details in one convenient place!
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting
    It doesn’t matter if the internet goes out for 15 minutes, an hour or a day – you still have to drop everything from your already busy schedule to look into why the internet isn’t functioning. With a managed internet service in your corner, they do all of that for you! Constant monitoring of your internet connection and speed is part of the package, along with troubleshooting and problem-solving when you do experience issues. At Real Innovation Group, we’re onto these types of problems before you even have time to notice them.

Choose Real Innovation Group for managed internet services

At Real Innovation Group, we take pride in delivering flexible, high quality internet solutions for businesses all over Australia.

  • Network equipment
    Whatever you need, whenever you need it – Real Innovation Group sort you out with the equipment you need for fast, accessible internet.
  • Monitoring and maintenance
    Real Innovation Group provide monitoring and maintenance of your internet, around the clock. Our expert IT professionals take a proactive approach to making sure your internet is always fast and always functional.
  • Cybersecurity
    We’re also your first choice team for cybersecurity, cyber insurance and a range of other IT-based solutions. Defending your IT systems from cyberthreats is what we’re known for.
  • Scalability
    Whether you need fast, high quality internet for one location or 100 locations, Real Innovation Group has got you covered. With Real Innovation Group, you can quickly set up or scale back when it comes to locations.

Talk to our team about managed internet services

When your business needs a flexible, scalable and professional approach to internet solutions, simply get in touch with Real Innovation Group. Real Innovation Group are Australia’s leading team in a broad range of IT services. Whether you need fast managed internet services, top quality cybersecurity or a committed team of professionals for other IT tasks, Real Innovation Group is here for you. Our managed services ensure your business is reducing wasted time and money on training and staff upkeep, while giving you high quality IT solutions. Prevent problems, get innovative solutions and save money all at the same time when you talk to the team at Real Innovation Group and inquire about our managed IT services today!

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