2023 Tech Trends In Australia

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2023 Tech Trends In Australia

As we come to the end of another year and look ahead to what’s in store for 2024, it’s clear that technology’s rapid evolution shows no signs of slowing down. 2023 has been a year of transformation and innovation in the tech sector.

Today, we will be exploring some of 2023’s top trends and the exciting developments we can anticipate in 2024. 

Artificial Intelligence

While we touched on this last year, one thing we have seen explode in 2023 is that of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). According to the latest McKinsey Global Survey on AI, AI adoption has more than doubled since 2017. Many Australian businesses have begun to embrace these technologies this year, particularly in the government, education and justice sectors. Australian healthcare facilities are adopting the technology to improve treatments, and Lottery Corp is using AI to detect if a customer is potentially developing a gambling problem. 


Looking to 2024, we predict AI and ML will continue to shape businesses and become more embedded in our daily lives. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

Another trend that continued its ascent in 2023 was the Internet of Things (IoT), as Smart devices have become increasingly prevalent in our homes and workspaces. Smart devices such as Alexa or Google Home are automating more of our everyday tasks and are becoming essential tools for efficiency. While IoT is not new in the slightest, it is projected to grow further in 2024, thanks to the rapid advancements of technology and have broader, far-reaching applications such as Smart Cities and Smart Environments.

Cyber Security 

While nowhere near in the headlines as much as in 2022, cyber security continued to be a hot-button issue in 2023. Last year, high-profile breaches underscored the urgency of robust security measures, and in 2023, we continued to see a high number of cybercrimes. Australian companies began investing heavily in proper cyber security measures; however, cyber security remains one of the biggest threats to Australian businesses. In 2024, cyber security will continue to be a critical area for Australian businesses. If you want to prepare your business for 2024, our RIGA experts have detailed what to consider for cyber security next year. 

As we step into 2024, it’s clear that we’re on the cusp of a technological revolution unlike anything we’ve seen before. Tech trends like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, 5G and Cyber Security will continue to evolve and shape the future of Australian businesses.

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