Tech Trends of 2022

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Tech Trends of 2022

Can you believe that another year has passed? 2022 has been an interesting one. After two tough years, the world has moved to a somewhat COVID-normal state, and life has continued. While 2022 has presented its challenges both on the world stage and our national Australian one, the technology landscape has continued to evolve, with significant innovations being made and applied to various industries across the globe.

With this in mind, we wanted to end the year by looking back at the top tech trends & innovations of 2022 and how they will affect the future of technology for businesses.

Artificial intelligence (AI)
While there have been many strides forward in AI over recent years, 2022 saw these innovations continue, and organisations now provide advanced AI solutions to businesses.

Machine vision has been a significant innovation throughout 2022, and AI can now recognise objects in photos & videos and produce original images from them.

Throughout the year, businesses have embraced AI technologies to help automate some of their business functions. And AI will continue to be implemented in the workplace in the years to come.

Throughout 2022, cryptocurrencies and nonfungible tokens (NFTs) have been making the news headlines for many reasons, with cryptocurrency values plummeting at the start of the year and significant cryptocurrency exchange FTX declaring bankruptcy. Still, despite this, Blockchains are making waves across industries and driving real productivity.

This technology has been making significant advancements throughout the year and fundamentally revolutionising multiple industries, including finance, healthcare, the government, and education.

Virtual Reality (VR)
Virtual reality (VR) technology has been around for a while now. It has gone far beyond just being harnessed as a tool for gaming and is now being used to innovate across various other industries, including healthcare, education, and the automotive industry.

In 2022 Honda revealed that they were moving away from its long-standing clay design process & is focusing on using VR to innovate its design process. With designs that were evaluated with VR now rolling off the assembly lines. VR has also been heavily embraced to deliver training across multiple industries.

Cybersecurity & Data Security Tools
While cyber security and privacy online have been long-standing issues and topics of debate, the University of Queensland released a study in October that identified that cyber security poses one of the biggest threats to Australian business.  This research was released amid several major Australian brands suffering from serious cyberattacks and data breaches.

This caused a national conversation about cybersecurity and how to protect your information online. Many such businesses have begun re-evaluating their data security, and the Australian Government has started offering further education to businesses.


2022 delivered new and innovative tech changes to various industries worldwide, of which we have mentioned just a few.

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