Engineering give the green light on #JOURNEY & #CONVERSE

Engineering give the green light on #JOURNEY & #CONVERSE

Whilst most Victorians enjoyed a public holiday on the Friday just past, our external QA department in Adelaide were ripping code apart trying to break 2 of our newest platforms #JOURNEY and #CONVERSE and as of Friday 6pm I am very pleased to advise that both products passed with flying colours!!!!


Person signing for journey product

#JOURNEY gives your business a customer experience like Dominos Delivery or Uber Eats without the fancy application being installed.

Real-time driver tracking, order and workflow management are only scratching the surface of this amazing product, complex under the hood, with a simple user experience



#CONVERSE – the latest revamped platform for all things voice!

Based on the Broadsoft platform, architects have completed the stress test and provisioning systems certifying all aspects to give small 1 line and 1 site business owners right up to thousands of managed voice endpoint access to fixed pricing, no matter the requirements.

“Big business outcomes for small business pricing”

Well done all involved!!