How Can I Protect My Business From Cyberattacks?

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How Can I Protect My Business From Cyberattacks?

Protecting one’s business from bad actors is a priority for every business owner. For the physical part of our business, we install CCTV and alarms and hire a security service. But what about the digital part of our business?

In fact, for many organisations, cyberattacks carry the potential for more damage than break-ins and other physical crimes. This is where increased cybersecurity measures are crucial in protecting your business from cyberattacks.

Here, the experts at Real Innovation Group outline the key measures you can implement to better defend your business from cyberattacks:

Get professional cybersecurity help

The first step to better protecting your organisation from cyberattacks is to consult a team of professionals in cybersecurity. Now, you might be thinking that your organisation doesn’t have the budget to employ additional full-time cybersecurity staff – and that’s completely understandable.

Real innovation Group offer managed cybersecurity services which are scalable to match your needs. Whether you need a little help tightening up your cybersecurity protocols, or need a full-scale framework analysis and overhaul, Real Innovation Group offer tailored cybersecurity solutions for all organisations.

Employ a stronger cybersecurity framework

Possibly the greatest tool to protect your business from cyberattacks is your cybersecurity framework. A framework is a series of controls which are crucial in defending your network from cybercriminals.

  • The Essential Eight
    Australia’s most common framework is the Essential Eight. The Australian Cyber Security Centre, Australia’s lead agency on cybersecurity developed the Essential Eight and this framework is used by various businesses and organisations all over Australia. There are 8 core practices outlined in the Essential Eight, which can increase the cybersecurity of any organisation’s IT network.

Real Innovation Group are experts in implementing the Essential Eight within businesses, help you be best protected against cyberattacks.

Increase cyber awareness within your business

Cybersecurity professionals can only do so much – your cybersecurity largely relies on your employees being able to recognise common cyberattacks. In fact, in 2021 alone, 85% of data breaches involved some form of human error, and 94% of malware was delivered via email. Training your staff to detect suspicious material is a huge part of protecting your business from cyberattacks.

Invest in cybersecurity insurance

Cybersecurity insurance is a crucial part of protecting your business from the aftermath of successful cyberattacks. A cybersecurity insurance policy should be catered to your business’s specific needs. An effective cyber insurance policy should cover your business in areas such as:

  • Forensic investigations
  • Litigation expenses
  • Regulatory defence expenses/fines
  • Crisis management expenses
  • Business interruption
  • Cyber extortion

The sooner you consult a team of cybersecurity professionals, the harder it is for cybercriminals to make effective attacks. Real Innovation Group offer tailored, scalable cybersecurity solutions to businesses across Australia. Prevent problems, get innovative solutions and save money all at the same time when you talk to the team at Real Innovation Group and inquire about our top-quality cybersecurity services.

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