RIGA’s Top 5 Tips to Protect Yourself Online

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RIGA’s Top 5 Tips to Protect Yourself Online

 Cyber security has been a hot topic for much of the past two years. While it is an exhaustive topic, it is super important. The Annual Cyber Threat Report 2022 reported at the end of last year an alarming rate of 1 cybercrime report being made every seven minutes every day.  

The reality is, if you think you are safe online, the chances are you probably aren’t. This sentiment was reiterated at the 2023 Small Biz Week conference that took place in May, with experts warning that something as simple as including personal information or plans in your out-of-office emails could pose a potential risk to your business.

With cyber criminals and cyber attacks getting increasingly advanced, it is important to remain diligent online and implement appropriate measures to ensure you are cyber-safe. Today’s blog will dive into five easy ways to be more cyber-safe online.

1. Use strong and unique passwords.

Changing your passwords can be deceptively easy, but it is one of the easiest ways to strengthen your cyber security. You will lower your potential risk by creating strong, robust passwords that use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Our IT experts recommend that your new passwords are unique and challenging to guess to enhance your overall security.

2. Enable two-factor authentication 

You can add an extra layer of security online by enabling two-factor authentication. With two-factor authentication, when you log into your accounts, you’ll have an additional step to verify your identity through an authenticating app or a verification code sent to your mobile device. Having two-factor authentication installed will make it harder for criminals to gain access to your account and add an extra element of security management, as you can see if someone is trying to access your account.

3. Be cautious with email attachments and links. 

With cyber criminals and cyber-attacks getting more and more advanced, being extra diligent when opening emails and downloading attachments or clicking links, particularly from unknown sources, will lower your potential risk. It sounds simple, but cyber criminals will go the extra mile to obtain your personal information, including impersonating social media platforms like Facebook and banks.

4. Keep your software up to date 

Regularly updating your operating system, web browsers, and other applications can help protect you against cyber attacks. As software updates often include vital security patches that address vulnerabilities in previous versions. Ensuring you’re staying up to date helps protect against known security flaws and keeps you protected.

5. Be mindful of your online privacy 

While we all love sharing information about ourselves and our lives on social media, in doing so, you are increasing the risk of someone collecting your information and trying to use it for a whole range of nefarious reasons. You can protect your online privacy by limiting the amount of personal information you share, including avoiding revealing your address, phone number or birthdate. 

Securing your digital life is vital to ensuring the security of your personal information and business. Following these five essential tips, you can significantly improve your online safety. Remember to stay safe online!

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