How Do You Know When You Need Route Optimisation Software

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How Do You Know When You Need Route Optimisation Software

How do you know when you need route optimization? 

Are you spending hours every day planning and dispatching delivery routes for your business? Or are you concerned about how much you are spending on delivery services?

Then a route optimization program might be for you. Today, we will discuss if route optimisation is the solution your business needs.

What is Route Optimization?

Over the past 2 years, the number of customers shopping online has increased substantially and is only continuing to grow. In Australia alone, it was estimated that over 80% of Australians did their shopping online. 

As such, the demand for fast and efficient delivery and delivery services has become paramount to the success of businesses, big or small, due to customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction has always been a core aspect of any successful business, however over the last year, customer satisfaction and positive experiences with businesses have become more influential than great advertising.  

No one wants to have to wait an extended period of time for their delivery. Or wait all day when a parcel delivery window is from 11 am-5 pm. 

Modernising your business and entering the e-commerce space can be fruitful, however as your business continues to receive orders, you now have to manage stock, organise and manage deliveries and ensure customer satisfaction. This can be stressful for business owners and is where route optimisation software can be a lifesaver.

Route optimization is a tool that helps a business owner or user plan the most efficient routes for transporting deliveries from one location to another. 

We’ve all used apps like Google Maps to plan our travel journeys from one location to another, where we’ve had to account for traffic, toll roads and fuel, right? In a business, route planning can be a costly and time-consuming process when it comes to delivering packages. Imagine having to plan 30 deliveries across your entire city. 

Route optimisation software uses algorithms and data to quickly work out the most time and cost-effective routes and identify issues or sore points before they arise, allowing for a smooth and timely customer experience.

When should you consider route optimization? 

Route optimisation software is not just for large companies that have many deliveries. These programs can be used by any company, no matter how small, who are looking for ways to save time and money on transportation costs. 

Whether you are a growing e-commerce business worried about how much you are spending on delivery services and customer complaints or a larger business looking to cut down on expenses, route optimization can help you. 

Route optimisation software such as RIGA’s Journey PRO is designed to save you time on scheduling and managing deliveries as well as cut delivery costs such as fuel and delivery delays. Allowing you to spend more time focusing on your business.

Journey PRO also makes changes to routes and delivery times during deliveries to ensure efficiency, provides accurate arrival times to your customers and sends actionable insights into efficiency, dwell time and off-route information to you. 

Merge all your operations into one place and create a smooth and efficient customer experience from order to delivery. Want to learn more about JourneyPRO and how RIGA can help you save time and money? 

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