How Route Optimisation Software Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

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How Route Optimisation Software Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of the core drivers of a successful business. Regardless of the sector and industry your company falls under, it is safe to assume that you service clients or customers. Today on the Real Innovation Group blog, we are going to discuss how route optimisation and software can reduce dissatisfaction.


Route optimisation software often is sought after by a company with reducing time wastage and cost in mind. An often forgotten perk of these programs is the improvement of customer experience and satisfaction. Happy client, happy life, right? Keeping your customers content and happy with your business ensures growth and retention, increased sales and brand loyalty. 


What is route optimisation?

We’ve all used different apps to find the quickest route from point A to B or a search engine to compare the costs of different routes. Route planning and scheduling are often one of the more costly exercises a business has to undertake, particularly with considerations of traffic, delivery times, cost and distance. 


Route optimisation software simplifies this entire process, using specialised algorithms to create feasible and reliable routes using information such as delivery addresses, time windows, vehicle sizes and driver availability. Typically, businesses that implement route optimisation software see both returns on investment and operational benefits within months of installation. 


So sure, route optimisation software can cut time spent on planning and scheduling, but how does this all impact customer experience?


1. Accurate Arrival Times

I can bet that you, like us, have spent your days waiting for a technician to arrive. They’ve said they’ll arrive between 8am and 12pm, and the waiting game has begun. Then, just when you step out to pick the kids up from school at 2pm, they arrive. Frustrating, right? 

Route optimisation software can take some of the guesswork out of deliveries and arrival times for the client. With all the necessary information, the algorithm within the program provides your staff with the most efficient live route and your customer a link with an accurate, estimated arrival time. 


2. Reliable Updates if Things Go Wrong

Customer satisfaction and their experience doesn’t begin when the product or service is in front of them. It is nurtured from the very first stage of interaction. Life will inevitably get in the way of a smooth delivery, from weather and road closures to traffic and staffing issues. If your customer is expecting the delivery to occur at 11am but doesn’t get it until 4pm, it severely impacts their experience. With route optimisation programs such as JourneyPRO, the unique algorithm is designed to identify sore points or issues before they arise. If there is a deviation from the schedule, both you and your customer can automate communication with live insight into the issue and its resolution. 

This added layer of communication between your business and customer bolsters their trust and satisfaction.


3. Put that saved time back into your business

In any business, no matter the complexity of operations, transportation and freight costs are rising. It’s important to streamline the functionality of your business and hours spent on scheduling, planning and re-jigging schedules are hours wasted. 


Customers are picky these days, it’s important to build strong loyalty and reliability with them and an advanced route planning software such as JourneyPRO is the tool that can grant you those extra hours you yearn for to drive up the standard and quality of your services.


When you are efficient on the back end of your company, backed by a strong software such as JourneyPRO, you are effectively bolstering the experience of your customers throughout the entire customer journey. Want to learn more about JourneyPRO and how RIGA can help you drive up customer loyalty and satisfaction? 



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