How the Digital experience is evolving

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How the Digital experience is evolving

Man looking at black Friday sales on phone

Black Friday, a term with a reach that is spreading further yearly, is becoming nothing short of an institution. Now more than ever having the digital edge is vital to not only build excitement amongst the consumer, but as online sales rapidly close ground on in store purchases, staying ahead of the digital game to exceed not only demand but expectation is key.

While predictions of the future can be exciting, frightening, out of reach or perhaps believed to be fantasy. This cannot be said for the transformation of digital technology as it is happening right now.

While the excitement of a sale may make it hard for a consumer to completely transition to online shopping, products like our #MISTERY is making it possible for stores to connect with the consumer before ever entering their store.

Imagine walking past a store front, being ‘buzzed’ on your smart phone or wearable smart device and being delivered a notification of an enticing sale therefore drawing you in to have a closer look. It is then possible that once inside, based on previous buying habits, notifications on products specifically of interest to the consumer can be delivered by the store in the same manner providing the opportunity to increase sales.

A strong digital game is the major player in the success of a business and key to staying on top.