Create better in-store experiences for your consumers with the use of smart technology. Bundle with Inquire for high levels of insights for data driven decisions.


Mistery releases the power of data analysis and Bluetooth. Connecting seamlessly to the wireless access point that is included in the Converse package, Mistery brings Artificial Intelligence into your wireless network, introducing Bluetooth device tracking capabilities.

Accurate tracking via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enables you to use Virtual Beacon Technology to push information and notifications to multiple users all from the one device. Similar to interactive screens in shopping centers that say ‘tap here or scan QR to get more info’, this same hardware and technology is now available to you!

Create zones to heatmap your foot traffic within your premises based on the devices that enter and exit.

This can be used as an enhancement/ accompany / overlay to existing traffic counting devices and software for further validations, indicate areas that people are most frequenting in events, or can be the start of your traffic analysis journey.

Coupled with inquire

Mistery provides real data with analytics on

  • Departments that are performing well
  • How many people have requested information on specific marketing materials and adjust the marketing (target marketing)
  • Event Management Analytics

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