Internet or Things

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Internet or Things

It’s fascinating that most organisations use as little as 5% of the data they capture! Thanks to computational power, connectivity and accessibility of the Internet and devices organisations can now capture enormous amount of data from their customers. But why this is important and how is this going to help them?
The more mature organisations become, the more they can harness the power of IoT and their data to operate more efficient and have better and more accurate understanding of their customers’ behaviour.
Now with smart phones, smart watches and earPod people on average are having 2 smart devices.
With endpoints, gateways and connectivity in place, it’s all about making sure we are capturing the right data and have the capability to draw insightful information.

According to PwC IoT report, total potential benefit of IoT is $194b – $398b in the next 8 to 10 years. While the benefits are more obvious for some sectors such as construction and healthcare, there are other industries that could benefit from IoT.
Retail is a great example where IoT can help businesses to have better understanding of their customers behaviour. Just as in eCommerce where all movements are trackable from one page to another, number of visit, dwell time, etc, this is now possible in physical store thank to solutions like Mistery
Businesses now can accurately pinpoint visitors, the path they take, dwell time and obliviously marry that data into PoS system to understand visitors’ behaviour and ultimately to have better conversion rate.
Mistery provides:

  • Tracking via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Virtual Beacon technology to push notification to users with mobile application integration
  • Real time tracking of people inside the venue to provide better insight into foot traffic in specific area such as heat map, headcount etc.
  • Ability to create zones to heat map your foot traffic and dwell time within your premises based on the devices that enter and exit

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