Still got that spring carnival itch? Don’t bet on just visibility…chances are you’ll lose that race!

Don’t be in the 80% of SME business that fall into these statics because they don’t have standalone Cyber Protection Insurance.



Estimated yearly cost of cybercrimes to Australian business.


48% Of Insurance Policies are NOT paid due to non-compliance


The average cost of a cyber attack to a small business.


Billion Breaches annually and growing

Join the 20% of SME business that have protection,


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Still got that spring carnival itch? Don’t bet on just visibility…chances are you’ll lose that race!

It’s spring carnival time! That means it’s time to take a punt on the ponies not a gamble with your network and applications!

With this in mind we are excited to announce RIGA’s partnership with Sinefa.

Who are Sinefa and what do they do you ask?
Sinefa detects network and application performance in real-time, which is 10 x faster than its competitors.
Their rapid deployment technology detects and measures what’s impacting your users experience with no training required.
The steak knives is that it also gives you the ability to remediate, control and shape your users experience with a click of the button

At RIGA we have been providing insights in to your environment since our beginning.
Now as one of Sinefa’s preferred deployment partners RIGA is able to enhance this process with the ability to control and shape your user experience in the same pane of glass to further enhance and develop your customer experience.

Don’t just take our word for it! Aidan from Sinefa can discuss all your requirements and also provide case studies from customers worked with previously like:
– 7-Eleven Retail Stores
– Maroondah City Council
– Telstra
– Evolution Health Care

To learn more or discuss your options contact either of the following:
Aidan Kemp from Sinefa
Email: Mobile: +61433245749

Real Innovation Group Australia

We are very excited about this partnership and looking forward to working with you