We feel you Victoria

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We feel you Victoria

Hey there Victorians! Well hasn’t it just been a little bit rubbish lately? As a Melbourne based business, we’ve walked every step with you.

However, team RIGA has been busy during lockdowns and thought we’d share an update on all the exciting things we’ve been working on.

  • She’ll tell you it’s not worth the #1 ranking, but back in April, we welcomed Helena Singer to the RIGA team. Whilst the opportunity for her to get out in person was a very small window, she’s slotted in and already making her mark. Helena is focussed on business development and helping customers start their JOURNEY (amongst many other things).
  • Introduced our Australian made POSTURE store. As the entire country had to switch to working from home and business needed to provide their employees with the right equipment to do their job, we wanted to build a catalogue that supported Australian businesses. Recently we’ve added PPE and custom branded sanitiser stations.
  • Rolled out our QR code check-in solution. Contact tracing requirements are now the new normal for business operation, and we saw too many places that simply had a clipboard with a piece of paper and an unhygienic pen for you to sign in with. We’ve built a simple, secure, contactless solution that businesses can easily roll out in less than 24hrs
  • Work from home security quiz. With so many employees working from home, businesses need to understand what the security configuration of their employees home setup is. It’s a 3min quiz which gives you a score and highlights the areas you might need to tighten up.

Like every Australian business, we’ve had to adapt, flex and change to meet the new demands of our clients. Our team are all still available when you need them, and they’re all set-up in their home ‘offices’.

We know that it’s not straight forward for everyone, but we want you to know that we’re only a phone call / text message / email / teams invite / zoom invite or whatever your preferred choice of communication method is. If you need an address for carrier pigeon, just let us know!

As we all start looking towards the future, what life and business may look like post lockdown, there’s a number of ways that we can help you create your working ‘new normal’.

How we can help:

  • Tools & solutions that can help you manage and support a hybrid workforce
  • Sanitisation and PPE kit that helps you ensure that you’re providing a COVID-SAFE workplace
  • Business insights and analytics built into customised drillable dashboards and reporting
  • Bespoke software solutions built to fit your new business needs, by bringing together your data sets, or migrating to new

Or if you’re just not to sure where to start, just give one of our team a call 1300 RIGAIT, or drop us an email sales@realinnovationgroup.com

We’re in it with you Victoria, and we’re here to stay.