November taken over December as busiest shopping month for retailers!

November 26, 2019

November taken over December as busiest shopping month for retailers!

Online shopping is paving a new path for consumers.

It is well documented that people generally start their Christmas shopping four weeks out from Christmas. But now, thanks to online promotions such as singles day and Black Friday etc, November has now taken over from December as the busiest month for retailers, as shoppers embrace the many new online promotions.

Last year’s Black Friday and Cyber events saw $400 million generated in sales.

“November 2019, we believe has replaced December as the main selling month for retailers in a calendar year.”

With more online sale events such as Black Friday, Click Frenzy and Cyber Monday where retailer offer crazy discounts online, is putting pressure on bricks and mortar retailers as they are now face the stress and pressure of competing with the sales due to fear of missing out on the sale. Because of this more and more retailers now joining in on the sales, this is definitely starting to change the way consumers do their Christmas shopping.

Online sales, is definitely changing the way we do our online shopping.

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