RIGA Team Takes Annual Trip to Thailand

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RIGA Team Takes Annual Trip to Thailand


In the last week of April, the newly appointed RIGA executive team and some staff and their partners attended the new future of our annual SKO for FY 23/24 in Phuket, Thailand!

Our staff work very hard, and being spread all over the APAC region, it was amazing to have us all in one room together. It was great to check in and ensure we are happy and healthy and that our RIGA family abroad feels appreciated. Our trip consisted of 4 days of team building & bonding, reviewing the previous year as a company and planning for the year ahead. 

While in the amazing country of Thailand, we played with Tiger cubs and petted a gigantic tiger to overcome our fears as a team at Tiger Kingdom Phuket. We were given the opportunity to wash elephants together to enhance our communication and promote teamwork at the Chalong Elephant Retirement.


But the most important and newest inclusion of our annual trip was the health and well-being morning with Dr Tharshini Nirmalarajah, a Chinese medicine and acupuncture specialist. She diagnosed the group and each individual’s health and well-being to ensure our minds, bodies, and souls are ready for a massive year ahead of clarity, value alignment and inner peace. 

Over the weekend, we had downtime for shopping, rest, and relaxation, along with a speedboat trip out to James Bond Island, a floating village and a beautiful beach with 40°C water, thanks to Emma’s Phuket tours. 

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