The hidden truths of job management

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The hidden truths of job management


How much is that job really costing you?

Information is key. Key to both short-term and long-term business profitability. When you get down to the granularity of job management, accurate records help you determine where a project where right. Or where a project went wrong.

Over time, this data can help you build trends. Does a certain contractor always take more time on specific jobs than others? Has the price of materials or parts gone up since the job was originally quoted? These real time business analytics help you maintain and improve your business profitability.

How do you ensure you’ve got real time reporting? There are a number of tools available to you, and it starts right with the ubiquitous mobile device. Using a smartphone or tablet, you can provide your business (and your customers) with real time updates via tracking software. This allows you to track the time spent on every job, optimise routes for more efficiencies, and automatically feed this information into the accounting system.

Many businesses have time and expenses leakage that they’re completely unaware of. Software integrations and workflow management software have adapted, providing higher levels of business analytics and visibility.

Without these tools many businesses don’t have a true understanding of project workflow, travel time and non-billable hours. We touched on the challenge of unbillable hours in a previous blog. For many businesses, not understanding the true cost of a job means that by the time missed expenses, real hours are added to a job, you’ve lost any profitability.

Unbillable hours such as ‘free quotes’ and internal meetings should all be incorporated into your workflow management.

With customized job costing reports and clear gross profit goals, you can make data-driven decisions

  • Are jobs delivered on budget?
  • Are we within our target profitability margins?
  • Who are the most profitable and least profitable clients?
  • Which clients do we need to re-price?
  • Do we have operational inefficiencies?
  • Are there employees / contractors with certain trends on jobs?
  • Who are the most productive employees/ contractors?
  • Where are we seeing time leakage?

Having a job management software with dynamic forms also means you remove the reliance on paperwork. There’s no more loose forms or lost paperwork.

So where do you find this software? Well, look no further than JourneyPRO!

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