Why Should I Use an Automated Job Scheduler?

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Why Should I Use an Automated Job Scheduler?



There’s always something to be done right? No to-do list ever really is completely empty, whether it be tidying up the storage cupboard under the stairs or scheduling next month’s deliveries! Investing in quality scheduling and planning is essential for every company. There is nothing like the feeling of everything running smoothly, right?

Job scheduling and workload automation are essential to a thriving, modern company. Let us introduce you to RIGA’s crown jewel, JourneyPRO – the key for taking your workflow and job management to the next level. 


What are job scheduling programs?


Just as their name suggests, job scheduling softwares are applications used to automate the execution of batch tasks into a single system, based on dates and times as well as event-based triggers. Generally, these programs eliminate the need for manual tasks, giving companies more time to spend on higher-value tasks and projects. 


Why should I use an automated job scheduling system?


If you’re anything like us, a slight perfectionist, you have probably wasted many pages of paper or whiteboard markers writing and rewriting spreadsheets, calendars and daily schedules. It goes without saying that manually scheduling work has a fair few issues. Job scheduling systems save you time, help you stay on top of current issues/changes and give an in-depth look into how your team is functioning.


  • Automated systems are a lot less time and effort heavy

Stop waiting for staff and contractors to send through their availability! The task of rostering in itself could be a full-time job depending on the size of your company! Reduce the room for human error by using an automated scheduler! With JourneyPRO, real-time updates and calendars mean that you can view your staff availability and create accurate rosters for the tasks required.


  • Stay on top of last-minute changes

We’ve all done it, forgotten about an appointment or shift and have to do the mad scramble to find a quick fix. With automated scheduling like JourneyPRO, you can reduce this by having a single space where you and your team can update and edit schedules, respond and action on-demand requests and even re-assign or re-route tasks with ease.


  • Get insight into your team 

Have you got a system to understand whether the jobs or routes your team are completing are easy to get to or efficient? With RIGA JourneyPRO you are able to streamline your operations to maximise efficiency and safety, such as task status, dwell time and route information. 


Enterprise workload automation programs such as RIGA JourneyPRO are designed to address all of these challenges and more, offering enhancements and efficiency to your company. 


With JourneyPRO, say goodbye to wasted hours fiddling with task lists and ensuring that drivers and staff will be at the right place at the right time. The beauty of JourneyPRO isn’t just how efficient it can help your business become, it is how seamless it can be applied to businesses of all different styles and sizes. Florist? Restaurant? Towing company? Pharmacy? 


Running a modern company looks different every day. Want to know more about why automated job scheduling softwares are all the rage? RIGA is here. Contact us today to find out more about our JourneyPRO offerings.



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