Thinking about automated job scheduling? Three reasons why you’re going to love it.

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Thinking about automated job scheduling? Three reasons why you’re going to love it.

We admit that ‘love’ probably isn’t a word you’d think to use about job scheduling software. But we’ve got at least three good reasons why we think you might change your mind. (There are plenty more, but these are our favourites).

Let’s start.

Love the difference you can make to the art of efficient employee management

Fact: Employee scheduling is one of the most important investments you can make in workforce management. Today’s workforce consists of all kinds of workers – from full-time to part-time, on-call and contract, to freelancers. So, the challenge is to manage all their needs, and keep them happy and gainfully utilised, while meeting compliance and reporting requirements.

What if you had a single easy-to-use platform that automates matching the right resource, with the right skills, to the right job? Well, you’re going to impress your customers with a speedier service, fulfil your workers’ need for validation (with tasks appropriate to their skills, experience and aptitude and seniority), and your business comes out smelling of roses. So, what’s not to love?

Love how much easier it makes life  

Fact: Depending on manual job scheduling costs you more. It’s inefficient, uses up valuable resource time, often requires a comprehensive knowledge of the workforce capabilities, and there’s room for error. Plus, if you have on-the-road staff, your job scheduler is likely Googling the best travel routes for the team as well. That’s a lot of work and responsibility – and can turn into an issue quick-fast if your resident scheduling wizard is sick or taking a holiday. Then, there’s the time taken to track down job sheets, timecards, and running industry compliance checks – all activities that take a serious amount of time to complete to the required standard.

So, what if this single easy-to-use platform we mentioned in point 1 enables your job scheduler to schedule and optimise routes based on your business rules? All with the click of a single button. So they spend less time tracking complicated schedules and more time adding value in other areas. Not only will you save time and money, but you minimise the potential of employee burnout and attrition by freeing them up from tedious, repetitive work. Got to love that too.

Love how much you save

Fact: Your jobs may be costing you more than you think. Without real-time reporting, you may as well be guessing as to whether you’re making or losing on each job. Without the ability to accurately capture employee hours (and eliminate any tendency to underestimate), and by not allocating up-to-date material expenses to a job, it’s likely you’re undercharging. And once that customer invoice has gone out, it’s too late.

With job scheduling software tools, you’ve got the information you need to never short change yourself again. Real-time business analytics help you maintain and improve your business profitability – especially when you capture every hour, travel expense, and price fluctuation. So come invoice time, you know it’s correct, fair, all-encompassing, and includes a profit margin.

But wait, there’s more

Those were just three of the reasons why we’re all for job scheduling software solutions, and there’s plenty more. Running a modern workforce means investing in technology that automates inefficient manual processes, drives down costs while improving accuracy and efficiency, boosts employee retention, and delivers a better bottom line.

Check out this customer story, and discover some of the others, including automated real-time SMS alerts, so your customer knows your service person is on the way, the ability to attach photos of the job to a customer record, and drag and drop job scheduling.

And then, there’s when they said, “JOURNEYPRO (RIGA’s automated workflow and job management software)…improves our customer service offering, and claims back approximately 2,000 hours monthly in route scheduling for our branch management teams.”

Now if that isn’t something to love, we don’t know what is.